Employee News

 Exciting times are for sharing!

Has one of your co-workers recently been married?  Had a baby? Graduated college? Share the excitement! See Wayne Cain to provide information about good things that are going on with our employees and we will share it on our Employee News page!



Congratulations to our very own Corwin Drakus for graduating with his A.S. Degree in Nursing!!  His graduation was May 3, 2021 and we are sure there are many great things in store for him!  Best wishes for a wonderful future!




Congratulations to some of our new Field Training Officers on getting their pins - Hayley Campbell, Amber Cloud, Andrew Morgan, and Jacob Stuetzel. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge with a new generation of EMT's and Paramedics! We appreciate you!




Wishing God's blessings upon the marriage of two of our EMT's - Will Cloud and Amber Edgecomb! We are praying for many years of blessings for you as you begin this journey together.  Please make sure to congratulate the new Mr. & Mrs. Cloud!!!